Who we are...

ManUp is an organized group of student leaders who are looking to make a difference in how the women in our communities are being treated. We look to teach positive masculinity principals along with bystander intervention practices  to help drive down the impact and the instance of sexual and domestic abuse that takes place in our communities. We aren't out to make people perfect overnight. Rather, we work on being a little bit better everyday. Over the past five years, we have found that anti sexual and domestic violence is equally challenging as it is rewarding. We welcome conversations and criticisms alike because we just like our mantra insists, we have to get better. We have to learn more about ourselves, our psychology and our sociology. We would love to invite you into our conversation. There is always plenty of space for people from all walks of life and of all ages and stages.  

"If Rehtaeh was with just one guy from ManUp that night 

who knew he had to do something,

I'd still have my daughter right now" 

                                        - Mr. Glen Canning

Our Team

Our group consists of student leadership groups from across the city of Ottawa and around the province of Ontario. Our leaders form small groups that serve their local communities with autonomy under the guidelines of greater ManUp community. We keep our conversations open to all those who seek to bring positive, constructive ideas to our mission. 

Our Vision

Our model is designed to be both cyclical and reproducible. Our hope and goal is that our leadership teams would be replicated as often and as widespread as possible. That being said, we ask that prospective groups start by getting in touch with the Central Leadership Group so that we can provide the proper context, parameters and best practices in team building and advocacy. 



We have been so privileged to meet and work with some amazing organizations in our city. These organizations do amazing work in our city. Most often they work without recognition nor reward but simply for the greater good of our community and its people. Each of these organizations are truly amazing. We thank you all for your amazing support and look forward to working alongside you for years to come. 

ManUp Leadership

If you would like to get in touch with our leadership team, we would encourage you to contact us via email. or to learn more about us, visit our Blog. 

Email: ManUpLDHSS@gmail.com

twitter: @ManUpLDHSS

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