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  • Travis Wing

Change of heART Rally

In February we caught wind of the nasty campaign taking place in our city. A man named Roosh V had planned and orchestrated a rally in support of his movement called "The Return of Kings". The guys immediately wanted to help put a stop to this insanity. Nobody in our town is going to come in a promote rape and male dominance of women with meeting some serious resistance.

"Manhood should not be defined by dominance and strength but by mutuality, common understanding and respect" - Alec Verch, Change of heART

Not only were we invited to attend the rally, we were also invited to speak on behalf of our group. What an amazing way for our leaders to give a voice to the younger generation of men. In a moment where an "old school", male supremacist meeting was scheduled to take place, a group of progressive young men were given a platform to work on reclaiming masculinity. Alec Verch spoke amazingly well and inspired all in attendance.

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