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MANUP Inspire Conference 2018

Our 4th annual conference at Ottawa City Hall - April 26th, 2018

In a new venue with a new format, ManUp Inspire Conference 2018 promised to be the biggest and best ManUp Conference to date. Our student leaders were geared and fired up to make new connections and share new ideas on how to best work toward improving our communities in a way that might moderate and reduce the amount of sexual and domestic violence that takes place in our schools.

"We aren't asking anyone to be perfect but are challenging everyone to be better." -ManUp Leaders 2016

Unintentional Power , Unconditional Responsibility - Moton Hopkins

Mr. Moton Hopkins of the Ottawa REDBLACKS made a presentation about how we might find ourselves in circumstances where we have the power to take advantage of a woman or a group of women. In many cases, we might not have asked for this circumstance nor did we seek out a power imbalance. Moton shared how he was born bigger, faster and stronger than almost everyone he knows. Furthermore, he spends most of his time around other guys who are in the same boat. What he has learned from his life experiences is that, in spite of this unintentional power, we have the unconditional responsibility to ensure that these powers are wielded for the betterment of people not the pleasure or indulgence of the powerful.

A Privileged Perspective - Ian Mendes

Mr. Ian Mendes, TSN Radio Personality, wanted to join the conversation to share around his perspective as a sports broadcaster, parent and local celebrity. He has had the privilege of experiencing toxic masculinity from each of these perspectives and has seen, first hand, how negative messaging and negative behavior patterns are impacting the people in our city, country and world.

Needless Tragedy, Necessary Change - Glen Canning

Mr. Canning, has endured the unimaginable tragedy of losing his only daughter to sexual violence, harassment and suicide. Glen shared Rehtaeh's story and what he has learned in his years of political advocacy. Glen's plea for the boys is that we might engage in ManUp's core mission and maybe even prevent future instances of violence, harassment and abuse.

Empowerment and Leadership - Caleb Davidson

Having traveled the world teaching and learning about leadership and program development, Caleb shared with us some gold around how we can build a movement and lead a change. Caleb taught us to deliver our programs and our mission clearly, consistently and creatively.

More than 200 student leaders from across the city joined us and left inspired and determined to build ManUp programs in their schools and communities. We can't wait to see what they come up with for the 2018/2019 school year.

ManUp Leadership

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