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  • Travis Wing

ManUp and the Ottawa 67's

Long time ManUp supporters OSEG and ManUp Leaders got together with the entire Ottawa 67's roster for a day of discussion, learning and inspiration around gender violence prevention.

Having the opportunity to work with the Ottawa 67's was one of the most humbling events we have ever been a part of at ManUp. Given the nature of an OHL hockey playing career, we knew that this event would present an opportunity to have an amazingly widespread impact. Each of these guys are temporarily a part of 67's and will leave here shortly and join new hockey teams and communities. Thus, having an impending opportunity to influence a new locker room culture and a new set of teammates.

We were amazed by the immediate buy in from the boys. Each of the guys was very much dialed into what we had to say and listened and learned attentively. They had amazing questions and took our message and core values to heart. What an amazing day. Thanks to OSEG for continued support and partnership. It is very inspiring to have these amazing business leaders investing into the next generation.

ManUp Leadership

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