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"CPAC - Public Record" Profiles ManUp Inspire Conference

On Sunday June 24th, CPAC and its partnering networks aired a broadcast of the 4th Annual ManUp - Inspire Conference that took place on April 26th, 2018 at Ottawa City Hall.

Mr. Ian Mendes, Mr. Glann Canning, Mr. Moton Hopkins and Mr. Aidan Hayter come together to discuss men's role in reducing sexual violence in our city. April 26th, Ottawa City Hall

This conference marked the conclusion of our 4th full year of operation and the beginning of a 5th. As time goes on, more and more men are knocking on our door and asking the take part in our learning and work in the prevention of sexual and domestic violence.

We would like to thank CPAC for seeking us out and putting so much effort into honoring our efforts and the spirit in which we operate. We are so grateful for this footage as it will forever serve as a document for continued outreach and will help provide context for so many interested and supportive allies.

The Full Broadcast can be found here:

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